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Logical Module, 2SU MDRC
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Logic Module
MDRC device
Description: The MDT Logical Module is used for fast and easy compilation of logical functions to control building automation systems. All the functions are parametrized directly in the ETS without additionally software tools. There are 24 independent function blocks with arbitrary functions available. For each function a description can be stored in the ETS. The 4 LEDS on the front panel can be controlled optional by objects. According to date, time and location the Logical Modulöe calculates sunset, sunrise and twilight. Additionally there are output objects available for sommer/winter time, calendar week, day of the week, every hour, every minute, day/night.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες στα υλικά MDT

  • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
  • 24 independent function blocks assignable:
  • Universal logic with up to 5 conditions
  • Logic gates with (AND,OR/XOR), each with 8 inputs
  • Cyclical sending or polling of values
  • Sending or polling of values after bus voltage return
  • Storing of values if the bus voltage fails
  • Monitoring of telegrams
  • Filter functions
  • Multiplexer/Partition control
  • Converting of data point types
  • Comparison of temperature/values
  • Time functions
  • Follow-up control with ventilation
  • Min-/Max/Average value
  • Universal calculator
  • Converting to PWM
  • Telegram multiplier/sequencer
  • 4 LEDS on the front panel can be controlled optional by objects
  • Quick application download (long frame support for ETS5)
  • Integrated bus coupling unit

  • Model: MDT 040.004
  • Manufacturer: MDT Technologies